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LCAA Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Update Page

As we all need to be helpful towards each other, This page is dedicated to the timely transmission of very important information as it becomes available regarding this very serious pandemic, COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” …

March 19,2020
• The Sheriff of Lake County has issued a “shelter in place order”. While this sounds weird, it is
absolutely necessary that we heed this intervention as a “solution” to an otherwise incalculable pandemic. Lakeport Fellowship meetings have posted on their door that all the meetings have been suspended until April 10, 2020. And Lowerlake’s fellowship has suspended meetings until Sheriff Brian Martin lifts the “No Gathering” order. All of this seems very dark. But if your sobriety is anything like mine then I hope you to welcome some constructive guidance during this temporary state of affairs.

From what I have gathered as far as information is concerned all meetings in Lake County are on a temporary hiatus. Unless otherwise noted. It’s time to pick up the 400 pound phone and stay in touch with all those phone numbers we have collected during our time in Alcoholics Anonymous. Reaching out can be beneficial to everyone involved. “Stay Calm And Carry On”.
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