"One Day At A Time"

New Meetings available throughout Lake County

• The Lakeport Fellowship has moved to the new location is 832 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport CA. in the Vista Center, across from the bowling alley (in the same parking lot). See you there!!!

NEW At the Hilltop Recovery Center 14715 East Hwy. 20, Clearlake Oaks CA
Mon. 7 PM AA on the Mountain OD
Sat. 7PM This Is Not Your Grandma’s Speaker Meeting S

NEW LOCATION for Spanish speaking meetings M-F 7-9pm

NEW LOCATION for Friday night “Brown Baggers” at 6pm

NEW LOCATION for Thursday night “HUGS” at 6pm beginning June 1, 2017

NEW LOCATION for Monday “KISS Meeting” at 6pm beginning June 1, 2017

This is the NEW schedule of meetings in Clearlake Oaks effective May 15, 2018 (for the current times check here)
12487 Plaza St. • Clearlake Oaks

• Tuesday • “More Will Be Revealed” 6-7pm

• Saturday Night 6-7pm "Happy Hour"
1st Saturday: Sobriety Check-In meeting
2nd Saturday: Living Sober meeting
3rd: Saturday: Stick Meeting (Topics written on sticks)
4th Saturday: Speaker meeting
5th Saturday (if necessary): Pamphlet meeting

• Sunday 6-7pm Big Book Study BS

Hi! We need your help !! This is a phone meeting that is listed in AA World Services, our group number is 717886. We meet at 9pm to 10pm west coast time. In the spirit of rotation we need new chair people. Help us keep this meeting alive.
In Love and service,

Peter B

January 15, 2018 - (​United States​) Today, we would like to announce the continued work and availability of the CrossTalk Group, a free telephone call-in meeting for all Alcoholics but designed especially for those AA’s who may be homebound or unavailable to get to a conventional meeting.
The CrossTalk Group was started in 2015 and is recognized by both GSO and the Loaners International Homers Directory.
Beginning February 4, 2018, CrossTalk Meetings will be available Sunday through Thursday at Midnight Eastern (9pm on the West Coast).
To participate in this meeting, please call 712-451-0200 and enter the Participant Code of 979634#.
If you have any additional questions about this group, please feel free to contact Peter B at peter@coolaastuff.com